Microsoft Office, its natural way to solve many problems, related to business management and accounting. Databases, document templates, contacts list, work calendar, internet news, e-mail boxes, computer fax and phone, process automate, integration between programs and internet, informative environment, industry standard, single view of information catalogs.
By order make various Microsoft Office databases and document templates. Accept Microsoft Office applications from customers to improve them and adapt to the needs of users. Develop enterprise business, information processing, accounting and document management models. For partners I offer to use my services, solving client problems and developing software.
I take care of orders with quality and low prices, by author or work contracts. In present, official rate of my work hour is 30Lt for Lithuanian enterprises and $30 for other clients. To understand client problems, install system or deliver project, can arrive myself or my local partner. Or simply send to me a problem and I would reply with solution. My clients always receive operative services and excellent support through the web.
I'm a professional and all of my business is published to the web. The simple version of my created software is available for review, download and use for free. So I'm waiting offers from clients and partners. And I'm expecting to have business successful both to us. Interested about my products? Simply subscribe newsletter: