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GoldMine 5.5 Best CRM solution.
Program collects, stores, analyzes, controls all information flowing through an organization and delivers to your management a single, complete view of organization business in order to win. Contacts: address book of clients and suppliers, quick finding, database used for documents. Activity: activity planning and history, activities delegated to workers and results accounting. Documents: organized directory of documents, directory archiving and protecting options. Telephone: computer telephone, auto answer, voice messages, caller ID. Internet: personal and common e-mail accounts, e-mail rules. Fax: fax in workstations, automating of sending process, fax archive. Reports: various reports, change forms of reports, periodic report presentation. Automating: automatic collection of contacts, activities, internet data and various process production. Protecting: users' access to database is controlled and registered. Database: fast database, data import, export and maintenance. Synchronization: joined database within distant enterprise departments and mobile workers.
Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP best productivity suite
Sun microsystems StarOffice 5.2 free office suite.
Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP desktop operating system.
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP Server server operating system.
Microsoft Exchange 2000 information services.
Linux Red Hat 7 alternative choice of desktop or server operating system.
Corel Draw 10 good graphics suite.
Symantec WinFax PRO 10 best personal fax communications.
Norton AntiVirus 2002 best AntiVirus solutions.
PowerDesk 4 good files manager.
Quick View Plus 6.0 best files viewer.
Second Copy 2000 good files synchronizer.
WinZip 8 good archive manager.
Copernic 2001 best internet search program.
GetRight 4.5 best download manager.


Microsoft Office 2000 For Windows For Dummies
by Wally Wang, Wallace Wang, Roger C. Parker
More than 70 million people have made Microsoft Office the most popular business software package on the planet. Whether you're a newcomer to the power and productivity of the entire Office suite -- with its word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, Web design, desktop publishing, and e-mail software -- or discovering Microsoft Office for the first time, you'll find yourself right at home with the friendly advice and plain-English answers inside Microsoft Office 2000 For Windows For
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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000
by Ed Bott, Woody Leonhard
Great indexing lets you find what you need quickly, from absolute cell references to zooming, and the clear text and graphics will help you solve any problem--even ones you didn't know you had. The book comes with a CD-ROM containing Woody's Office Power Pack (a great set of Office utilities); the complete, searchable text of the book; and additional material covering Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a bundle of cool third-party software that'll keep you busy for hours. If you've mastered the basics and want to improve your Office knowledge, let the professionals show you the way with Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000. --Rob Lightner
Price $31.99 at